Monday, April 20, 2009

The blankie with the hexagaons.

Okay, I've been crocheting. I have a nice cotton circular coaster to replace the purple felted square on my desk.
Then I tried out granny squares. They were fun.

I borrowed a book from the library 200 stitch patterns for baby blankets. I even made one of the blocks.

And then I thought to consult with the expected owner of said blanket. (That's afghan to you Americans in the audience).

So, remember how I can be somewhat finicky? Picky even? Shush you up the back.

My daughter can also be like that from time to time.

So after extensive consultation with her we agreed on a pattern.

Hexagons in red, with sewn on white flowers.

Now this may seem easy right. Two colours, clearly defined boundaries.

But now I have to decide on which hexagon pattern I wish to use.

They vary from the open lacy and small, to the solid. The granny-squarish to the .. well, there are a few.

I narrowed the list. There is only, oh, 5 I have to try out. :)

Will post with notes. And maybe a flower or two.