Thursday, April 23, 2009

I can't do photos right now.

Not that I am incapable or anything, but my Big Two projects on the go/about to be got on the go are gifts for mother's day.

And you know how mothers, god bless 'em, want to be supportive and everything?

How they stay interested in what you're up to, how you're doing, so they can provide thoughtful and caring encouragement?

Well, in these days of modern fangled-communication, they read blogs.

Who'da thought!

So, since both gift reciepents to be already kinda know what they are getting, I don't want to blow the surprise more than I need to.

I am still trying out those haxagons though, so I'll be able to post the first one soon (I have about a round or so left.)

I tried the Little Hexagon pattern but couldn't follow the instructions. Any more experiences crochet divas out there wanna take a look and get back to me, please do.

I also tried a flower or two, on the look out for the perfect one of them, so I'll get back to you on that also.

Peace to all, and watch out for the zombies.