Friday, April 10, 2009

A beret, a raven and a whole bunch of ...meh.

So, I haven't blogged for a while.

I haven't really been doing terribly much - recovering from minor surgery, looking after my darling man (who's not been the best), having an absolute bust of a birthday, oh and small amounts of project stuff.

While I have been doing knitting and such, I am plagued at the moment by a general sense of meh.

I can't settle on a project (knitting or sewing or otherwise) and am just feeling pretty blah all round.

While not the self-absorbing depression of my teens/twenties, I know myself well enough to recognise it when I see it.

I also know that, in time, it'll pass. Besides, unlike my teens/twenties holing up by myself and telling the world it can screw itself really kinda isn't a possibility for a mum/grown up adult type person. So I push on.

I intend to try out a few projects over this easter long weekend and see if I can get my zing back.

But onto the craftiness....

I have ...
a finished Nevermore raven. I am really happy with the result actually. It needs to be carefully blocked (pressed? I don't know the correct verb for embroidery) and maybe framed in a cheap shadow box or something.

I also have a finished beret. I originally made this to cover up some stitches on the crown of my head, but it turns out my hair covered them just fine and it wasn't necessary. I do love the beret though.

It's knit in Sublime Yarns Cashmere Merino Silk DK yarn. Sweet Honey Beret from Interweave knits. I really liked the pattern, the texture is really open and fluffy. I strongly recommend checking out the video instructions on how to do the set up rows - the pattern instructions for those two lines had me stumped. The info is on the Ravelry page.

What next? No idea. I keep knitting about 3 -5 rows of something before deciding I don't like it.

I'm thinking I might make myself a bag. There is a small bag of my daughters that while in garish colours, would make an excellent outing bag (keys/purse/notebook etc). I might make one of them. Or.. I should knit a bunch on smoulder (that red striped cardiagn) but our DVD player is broken, so it'd be in front of the computer.

To feel so at sea on a long weekend is criminal, I tell you...