Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hey... wait a minute....

So, I'm testing crochet hexagons.

I've completed the first one (after the one who's instructions I couldn't follow) - the graphic granny afghan. It looks like this..

And then I decide to start the second one - Crochet Hexagon Throw.

After I've started round 3, I look at it.

And then I go get my other one, and then compare the patterns line by line.
And, realise, that despite using different names for some of the composite stitches, they are identical. Sigh. Well, I guess I have less to test now.

I still have this one.. and I am going to look at how this one is constructed and maybe try that too..Of course, they may be identical. I shall look more closely this time..

And I'm still looking for someone who can understand this pattern - Little Hexagon motif.

Maybe I should switch to flowers for a while?

Oh and I started sewing the bag I mentioned a while ago. Which stalled briefly when I realised that the fabric was definitely directional when in small sections and thus some of the strap needed to be ripped out and restitched to match the rest of the strap. But I feel better about it now, even if no further progress was made ;-)