Friday, August 04, 2006

BRRrrrr! Canberra is COLD!

Okay, so I am back from chilly Canberra.

My cardigan survived the trip and was much admired .. ahhhhh....

I got a bit of knitting in, mostly on my daughter's red ribbed jumper, which I am knitting bottom up and will probably be a raglan sleeve. I haven't decided yet, and will work it out when I get closer to needing to do so.

I also realised that I haven't done the show-and-tell of my darling new dolly :)

The 'Dinara' doll is from AK Traditions who have absolutely gorgeous doll kits. That is, you get the doll, with a kit of materials and patterns to make her clothes and belongings. See below my kit's contents (though I bought additional patterns, you still get quite a few - enough for an outfit- in the basic kit). Kits come as sewing, knitting, quilting and combination types as far as I can tell.

I am really very, very happy with what I got for the money. The doll is very well made, and quite a bit larger than I thought. (Larger close up of her on the left.) I've started making her basic coat, and then will probably make the paperbag hat.

I am seriously thinking about using her as a test 'mini me'. So if I'm thinking about making myself a particular unusual colourway or pattern, I can try a mini version on her. I suspect that I will also make her things I can't really get away with wearing anymore and/or just use up leftover yarn to make her things. I consider her my new knitting mascot, and she will grace my new spare room (to be also known as the 'quiet room') in our new house.

I'll post stuff when I finish them.

Also, my new Keychain Sock Blocker came in the mail, which I will photograph and post when I can be bothered ;) That's very cute too, and has got me thinking about socks for my dolly here. Must name her at some point too...