Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yes! We have striping sock yarn! (homemade)

Well, the three colour stripes are home made ;-)

Here is my appearing sock. Toe up, obviously.

Also, I am trying out continental knitting style after the lovely Clementine over at the craftyaction SnB showed me. After seeing diagrams where it looked too confusing for words... it was so simple. I have no idea how to purl, but since I am just doing masses of stockinette, it doesn't matter! It just seems SO much quicker, I am really impressed. I think I'd still revert to english style for anything complicated, but good to know.

I have a bunch of ideas to jazz up my space here, but haven't got around to it. I had a nice picture of my variegated yarn that I took see on the right there. I was going to make myself a cool new banner with the red colours etc to work with what I have already.

Then, when looking up something on Brenda Dayne's Cast On page for her podcast, noticed she uses almost exact the same kind of thing! Horrors! Can't be that much of a poor imitator, even if I didn't know it at the time :(

So, I shall find something, honest. Maybe my doll can be my mascot :) Oh, and I finished her jacket too, will photograph and post that later. It looks good. She's getting legwarmers next...