Sunday, August 13, 2006

I dyed sock yarn with KoolAid. Whee! Cherry tart socks to come!

Okay I went and bought some Patonyle in white and decided to try it out. It has a nylon content of around 20%, so I was worried it might not work. Obviously, I worried for nothing. The yarn, cooling down waiting to rinse is shown on the left.

And after balling it into hanks here.

I used the exceptionally clear instructions on Eunny Knits! website. The directions are here and are for self striping socks. I didn't do the fiddly thing about figuring out how long things should be etc to make perfect stripes. I may yet rue this when my stripes are yukky, but never mind ;)
As you will see, I was quite impressed by Eunny's dark red/red/pink combo and so made my own version.

I used 3 sachets of Black cherry for the dark red, 2 sachets of cherry for the red, and 2 of strawberry kiwi for the pink. I found the black cherry has a slight rust red thing to it, but otherwise am very happy with the results. All that remains now is to decide the pattern.

I am considering knee highs (if the yarn will stretch that far - i doubt it). I am toying with which pattern to use - I want simple to show off the stripes and am thinking about either the universal sock pattern or the widdershins. I doubt I'll get gauge on the latter though my pre-dyeing mini trial was around 30st over 10cm. I do think I'll try the magic cast on from knitty - people keep raving about it in podcasts I listen to..

So it's socks this week :) I did want to start my Arrrgyles, but couldn't justify all that extra yarn on top of the stuff to dye. Oh, and I want to knit some Baudelaire.