Sunday, August 27, 2006

A doll called Lizzie and what happens when knit-geeks need a key ring..

As promised, here is Lizzie (my newly-named doll. Pride and Prejudice - one of my all time favorite heroines. It was either that, or Thursday (as in Thursday Next, my other favorite heroine from the Jasper Fforde series about her. Thursday would appreciate a doll called Lizzie I think..)

I digress. You can see here the finished jacket and top. Also, I knitted her a pair of purple stripy legwarmers. I think I'll knit her a pair of gauntlet style-gloves also at some point, after the sock drive wears off.

Speaking of which, I had to rip out most of the sock previously shown and start over. While I have been enjoying trying out knitting continental style, I discovered my gauge is considerably tighter when knitting that way - though MUCH faster. So I re-measured my gauge and did it over. I'm nearly at the heel (version 2). Didn't get much knitting done while away this time (though trip was successful).

Also, I mentioned my lovely new keychain. Here it is :)

I like it a lot. It's cute and knitting the sock with left over sock yarn is no work at all!

And another pic with the sock taken off...
Terribly cute, and really quite cheap. The company name is Felted Up.. can't find the other details at the moment, but they include a copy of the pattern for the sock in the postage and keychain mini-sockblocker.

Anyway, I'm off. Long week, and busy/productive weekend so I am wiped.

New week tomorrow.. (whew!)