Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I am thinking I should post, only I'm in such a funk. Work is pretty terrible, and I am stressed out to the max. I am actually considering borrowing the work laptop.

Doing work at home is pretty much the line in the sand for me previously.

I'm wearing my new stripy socks, 'cause they make me happy.

Fitzwilliam's scarf is taking all my time as I'd really like to finish it for Friday (the birthday lunch) but it probably won't happen. Near, but not near enough. *sigh* And I redid over the start of it, as I wasn't happy with it. It's at the end of the scarf, so it showed too much and I just couldn't leave it. Hence, I lost a lot of time painstakingly pulling it out (don't unravel cables, they are a nuisance) and reknitting it until I was happy.

It looks better at any rate.

Next week (sobs) I am going to Canberra again. Don't ask me why, I'll just start ranting at you and I like you well enough to not subject you to that. I'm back towards the end of the week. So, no posting after Sunday.

oh, and in slightly better news, my books arrived (Wheeee!) Very exciting. Yes, I'm a book geek as well as a gamer geek and a knit geek. And I'm fine with that. (Looks defiant)