Thursday, September 28, 2006

Vagueness... tired and grumpy...

Still wrecked from flying in last night.

Haven't knit anything in a few days due to travel and general busyness.

Have given self break from ongoing scarf action and am knitting blue monkey for friend's belly boarder. Let's hope it is as cute as intended and not some freakish thing that's scary for new small people.

Am loving the whole 'vintage is in' thing and am very much wishing for rather a lot more money than I actually... well... have. Also not terribly pleased about putting on (more) weight. Want to find time to lose it, but tired and grumpy does not equate well to dieting, and too busy to work out when I can exercise (no pun intended).

Am thinking very hard that I want to celebrate my new acceptance of pink as a wardrobe colour when incorporated into girly vintage-retro thing and am considering knitting myself something pink and black edged out of my new Vintage Knits book. But. Monkey and Scarf first... :(

Then I might be able to find someone to make me the gorgette black and white polka-dotted wrap dress for work that I couldn't find today (more's the pity).

Will get psyched at some point and post actual pictures of said project lumps, but .. tired now... maybe early bed.

I am such a sad old person, I tells ya.