Saturday, September 02, 2006

Almost a whole sock done

No, really. I have about another half inch of ribbing and then start the next one. They are even a decent length!

See thusly.

And more here - sideways view.

And toe view.

I think I got snap happy.

I also think, in all honestly that I would do more ease (or rather, less negative ease) on my next pair. I used knitty's universal sock pattern. Except I used the Magic Cast On method, also from knitty to do the toes instead of the short row toe. Did the short roe heel though.

I have also been working on a new banner for my blog in photoshop. Who knows? By the time you're looking at this, maybe it's there already. Is it pretty? Do you like?

I also have a bunch of plans for what else I want to put on my blog, including progress bars, "things I listen to" section, a "I want to knit" list, a "I want a find a pattern for" section and a "What should I be?" section for yarns without pattern true-love... anyway might go do some now...