Tuesday, September 05, 2006

You know, designing web page blogs is a pain in the ass.

I tried. I think I am over it.

Despite making myself a beautiful new banner (see?).. I just can't get my head around getting the new page layout to work. It makes no sense.

My geek-dad assured me that using FrontPage would do all the work for me, but no joy.

I can see what I want in my head, but just can't figure it out. I tried templates online, tried making sense of FrontPage, but can't get it to do what I want.

Maybe I'm just tired from programming at work today. SAS programming.. meh. I thought I was done with that. But I have this problem see? It's a shocker at work too... I can't sit by and watch people take bloody forever with a half baked solution to something that I know just isn't that hard when you have a clue about what you're doing.

So now I'm being helpful and getting them sorted out so I can go back to my project.

The first sock is done by the way. No photos, the camera is away and the camera owner isn't here. You'll have to just take me at my word.

Did I mention I have books coming from Amazon?

I blame my best mate. Let's call him Fitzwilliam. Books are his pornography. And, no, not that kind of books. And no not literally...

Anyway, the great enabler that I am, I introduced him to two money chewers - Borders, and Amazon. He's a pig in mud now, honestly.

And now he's taken a turn and enabled me - he's ordering a stack of books and offerred to let me cash in on his huge order, to avoid the initial postage cost.

My list changed several times .. but now consists of:

I have a feeling I've forgotten another knit book, but I really can't recall which one. Of course, it could be one of the 5 or so I culled at the last minute when I realised I couldn't really justify quite so many books. At least not at once. I feel like a book-glutton.. ;-)

Of course, I am also counting the days til they arrive, and trying to decide if I want to wait on starting anything new until they get here...

Note to self, start something you need to get done anyway.. maybe the baby gift, yet-to-be-decided on for friend's belly-boarder....