Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Let's hear it for eBay!

Yes, I have just paid for another eBay purchase. Or, rather, two.

Two Rowan books, both of which I have wanted but balked at price of. Total - just under $48 including postage.

Numbers 37 and 35. I tell you, I'm all about the vintage look at the moment. It's always worked for me. (Ask my mum, I tended firmly towards the Victorian 'dandy' look for a long while there. I still have the tails and top hat to prove it).

I have also purchase some cotton yarn to knit the Diamond patterned top from my Vintage Knits book (Sarah Dallas). It's a very girly pink, to be edged with black.

For work. It's written for Jaeger Matchmaker 4ply (ie wool) but, let's be realistic. I live in Australia. Hence, cotton. Hopefully, it will still work well. I've decided (I think) to knit it in the round to the sleeves. Of course, this may be complicated by I think only having the right size needle for the main body. ... thinks... but I might knit the ribbing as a big long single piece and then join for the the body. That would probably work...

I still have two projects to finish (monkey for friend's bub-to-be-born, and the Fitzwilliam scarf) but they are now both nearly finished and getting to the awkwardly bulky stage. They will stay home until done now.

So, I have my little miss' socks on the traveling needles. I'm hoping they'll be done quick, but I doubt it will be quick enough for her! They are real little-kid-socks... Gaudiness itself. Plus, of course I want to finish them so I can start the top with a clear conscience.

I better get going then, huh?