Sunday, October 15, 2006

On the needles (knit projects in progress)

Just a quick aside, wasn't the weather fabulous today! 26 degrees, warm and lovely. We ate fish and chips by the river and played a lot of catch on the grass. Good day.

Okay... I took photos of the blocking scarf, but felt somehow it needed showing off .. at least to show how long the sucker is.

To put it in context, I'm 5'4''. The intended recipient is around 6'. Hence the longish nature. And, I am totally recommending the Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran again. It's fabulously soft etc. Really nice.

Next? Well... here's that sock. You know how often I comment in the blog about how the colours are off, and it's not really that bright (well I think it, if I don't say it.)


These socks look just like the picture.

They really are that bright.

Thus, here they are "I'm-A-Three-Year-Old's Dye Work" socks. I'm turning the first heel. I gave up on the attempt to alter the Widdershins heel. As I haven't knit it full-sized yet, I couldn't really get my head around what's happening in that yet. Maybe for my next pair.

And .. finally, the first slow attempts at progress on the diamond patterned top from Vintage Knits.

I have ribbing. Not even all of it yet.

This is, of course, what happens when you decide to knit the ribbing as a single piece (so you can join and continue in circular needles.) Yes, I should have done the whole thing on circulars (I can hear my fellow SnB'ers talking in my head), but I didn't have them in the right size and no, I didn't think to borrow some. I'm still getting used to seeing people in person who knits as much as me!

There's... (stops to count rows) 9 rows. One inch. The ribbing is 2.5 inches. That's until I can get it onto circulars and thus on the bus. Of course, I haven't been knitting much of late as my darling man has been dropping me to work a lot the last couple of weeks, which significantly cuts in to pure knitting time. I didn't realise how much time it adds up to until its not been there.

Um... It doesn't want to post the picture of the ribbing. Maybe it's so depressing, even blogger won't deal. Never mind, next post...