Monday, October 02, 2006

We dyed some more yarn..


sorry about the overall lack of actual knitting stuff, and increase in general whiny stuff.

But, I can make up for it..

Today darling daughter and I dyed her some stripy sock yarn and me some laceweight that I picked up cheap at the Royal Show yesterday with the lovely Clementine.

First, we discussed colour choices and if we wanted stripes or not. "Pink, red, blue and yellow" and "yes" were the decisons here.

Then, we got out crayons and tried out colour orders to decided on our striping order. This led to the dropping of pink and the colour order thus: red/blue/red/yellow/red/blue etc

So we made the big skeins and dyed them thusly..

Which became this..

('scuce the washing - day off ..)

and then this...

I also dyed 200g of 3 ply (soft of heavier than laceweight, lighter than socks) that will become a lace shawl, probably for me. It's still drying out (though now inside) so I can only show you it on the line here:

I was going for sort of 'sky' colours. These were all dyed using the KoolAid stash. The dark blue caused me some problems getting it - I got there in the end, but am faintly worried I may have overcooked the yarn. Time will no doubt tell. :)