Sunday, May 27, 2007

Not much knitting happening..

Well, as it says. No knitting to speak of.

I did have to frog a chunk of Raspy, after I realised that the reason my number of stitches didn't match the pattern was because I forgot to cast off for the underarm seam. {sigh}

I also went to the craft fair (not bad, I think slightly better than last year)..

Where I bought these:
to make cushions for our new house. (There is also another fat quarter of matching brown spots coming in the mail during the week). I think the fourth from the right probably won't be included now I've got them home, as the others all match better. The owl fabric I've been coveting online a very long time, so was really nice to see it in person. My biggest problem was picking just one of either the owl pattern or the plant one (which I also loved).

One particularly good stall (for my non-country-style tastes) was from Patchwork on Central Park. Lupinbunny, they have Australian designers - this is where I got my Kirsten Doran owl fabric from.

I also cleaned up and did a huge chunk of filing & sorting.

Which uncovered these:
Which is the pile of interior design stuff (just those here, there's more at Mum's would you believe..) which I need to sort through, and throw out all the brochures for things we've already decided on (e.g. taps, bath, and so on.) Then I need to file the remainder in the blue concertina file at the back.

And at some point, I should probably put some of that clean washing that's taking over our bedroom, well... away.