Saturday, May 12, 2007

Not-so-Red Light Special

Well, I am trying again.

Despite how beautiful the fair isle swatch I did was... (my first ever fair isle)

it didn't fit (as discussed earlier).

So, after using the swatch as a size gauge, I did the math and re sized the pattern, to the looseness requested of my man. I decided to use the original fair isle pattern, but without the false seam BrooklynTweed used.

The odd blue fine fair isle is the leftover Patonyle I used as the soft lining. And you can see the real deal being worked up above it. I have to say, I am really enjoying knitting it, but it's murder on my fingers after a session.

And I may run out of the main colour. For which I may beg a trade from Bibnbub - who I has some more. [psst: I'll trade you one ball of the navy for all my remaining part balls for your felting plans? Let me know :-) ]