Friday, May 30, 2008

Adventures of Spider_knit

In this weeks episode, we have a new project, the end of an old one and the wonderfulness that is trading yarn...


(sips coffee) God damn I love coffee. Have I mentioned that yet? Apologies to anyone offended by the blasphemy, but somehow "gosh" or "goodness" just doesn't express it. I tired editing it to those, but it just didn't work.
I couldn't give up coffee entirely when pregnant. I gave up sushi and pate and soft cheeses and eating anything pre prepared and alcohol with ne'er back glance, but coffee got me. I got down to one savoured cup a day, but just missed it too much to dump it entirely. And I wasd well under the 3 cups you're currently recommend.. but I digress.

Okay. Good news front. I have a new job (hooray!) I also now have a cold (sulk)

But the knitting has continued, albeit a little slowed by work being really busy and me being sick and sleeping a lot.

I am down the to collar of my daughter's cardigan, button bands are done. For some reason the mid to dark red and the white totally blow out my camera's colours, and it photographs oddly. But, since blogs are a nuisance to read without the pretty pictures, here's a photo anyway. I'll get a natural light photograph when it's done.
In other news, the very polite and nice MadamSewingStick on Ravelry messaged me to trade some of my unwanted Katia Mississippi. In return I have some lovely Paton SWS (soy wool blend) that a destined to become felted slippers for me :)
Finally, since the cardigan is nearly done and not really portable, I permitted myself to cast on my next project - the Raven Clapotis in Korrpi colourway. The only bad thing I can say is that I didn't read the description of thr yarn properyl when ordering and it has alpaca in it, so it a teensy bit fluffy. This isn't a bad thing, just not what I originally had in mind. On the amazingly good side.. the colourway is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. I could live in these black-meets-colours forever. My inner goth sqees every time I pick it up. It makes me want to be 19 with chunky black patent leather boots and a black ankle length coat again.

Of course, I could be oversharing at this point. ahem.

Let's see a photo.

Okay, I am now going to take my virus-ridden self to sit in front of the TV and watch Willow go bad in Buffy while I knit this cardigan collar. Take care all.