Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cardigan in progress and losing my vibe...

This is the darling girl's cardigan-to-order. I've started the sleeves, it will also have a collar with the same flower motif. Her orders, I'm just the knit-slave. This would be the child watching TV in her pouffy fairy-dress. I didn't have the heart of energy to argue, plus - she's happy.

And this leads me to the purple silk scarf I was knitting that just leaves me cold. I think I'll put it into hibernation and allow myself to cast on another project (from stash, naturally). I'm hoping if I pick something small and easily finished, I'll feel better about persevering with the above cardigan and the ever continuing Anastasia socks.

Why one of the projects I have in my queue is another pair of socks, I don't quite know. I had such a stretch of finishing there for a bit, I think I've lost some of my patience :(

Oh, and in better news.. I can pick up my WiiFit on Thursday!