Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mini Sophie!

I had reached that point. The point that Stash-Knit-Down-2008ers over on Ravelry refer to as "finishitis" .

The point when all of the projects on your needles are tedious, or deeply lost midway through knitting or just plain uninspiring.

I just wanted to finish something. It didn't need to be big, it just needed to be done. By me. Now-like.

So I made a mini-Sophie bag. My little one often takes her dollies for bike-rides and pram-strolls around the backyard. Only she didn't have a handbag for all the essentials a mum needs. You know, like bubble mixture, dolly bottles and her mobile phone.

So I made her one, out of stash no less. I had garishly KoolAid dyed Patons Jet yarn, four sekins of it. Now I have less, and a less-garishly felted bag. I made it 1/4 sized, and really like the shape. Quick, and easy construction.

Here it is prefelting...and afterwards. Very dense nice fabric, knitted with yarn held double and 6.5mm needles, in case anyone wants their own one.