Saturday, July 01, 2006

Felting.. and a new scarf

Okay, I promised I would post with pictures, so here they are. Last weekend I did some felting practice. After reading some web articles to get some recommended yarns, I ran off to buy some. What a drama that was! After being told by a rather brusque woman in Lincraft that you could only felt wool before it was made into yarn (who look at me dubiously and snobbishly when I said that yes, you could and I had done so already), I tried Spotlight.

There, I bought some of their cheap name brand 100% wool yarn - Harvest Pure Wool. The label said "Cool hand wash". This felted slightly, but certainly not evenly or well, and that was after two full washes. That's the purple one on the left. I tried two different gauges, the first was way too tight, the second felted, but not really very well.

After a bit more reading, I tracked down EVENTUALLY some Holiday yarn in Kmart.

I couldn't decide between the light leaf green and the red some bought some of both. Which turned out to be a good thing since as you can see, the red felted really well, but the light green not at all! After all that, I eventually decided the end fabric was really too thick to make an ipod cover after all. If anyone can recommend something to make it a bit thinner, I'd be grateful!

Oh well, they were all very cheap, and I'll use them for teddy jumpers or something. Maybe I'll take them for the Anglicare knit-in on the 12th of July and make some charity blanket squares - at least I know they are both warm and non-felting!!

Did I mention I needed a scarf?

My mother found funny that with all the knitting, no scarf, but the morning busstop wait has left me very cold, so i decided I needed (at least) one scarf. I really wanted to buy some Rowan Ribbon Twist to do this : Which I absolutely adore.. but the money (but mostly that noone open had it) prevented that.

Thus, I bought some Spotlight knock-off similar and just knitted this :

Which is very warm and I like quite a bit. It did seem to shed slightly, I might wash it gently today to see if I can stop it doing that.

Here is another picture, me wearing it this time.. The colours are a bit more 'right' in this second one.

Bad picture, but hey..

So that's me, for now. I shall post more later, maybe tomorrow where I shall wax lyrical about the new work cardigan I want to make, how the Vogue Cardi goes, and similar things... bye...