Sunday, July 23, 2006

Finished the lace base border!

Yay me!!

As seen here, modelled by the fronts and back of my yet-to be sewn cardi! Very pleased, as am very very keen to have it done for Saturday, when I fly out to Canberra (brrr!) for work and visiting a darling friend of mine :) (Hey Alex!)

I also found a more portable way of doing the edging, as shown on the left. It's a laminated copy of the instructions, with one row to one line. Much easier to read than the pattern, a lot more hardy, and the post-it keeps my place easy in case of "oh, there's the bus" stuffing-of-knitting-into-bag..

I also had a wonderful day at Amber's house, as organised by Clementine (thanks Clem!) dying yarn for the first time. Man, talk about addictive! I came home all full of thoughts about how to get a good colour selection of KoolAid and if our thoughts on citric acid + food dye would work as well... photos of my attempts at the SnB page here.