Thursday, July 13, 2006

My ipod was cold - ipod cosy/cozy

Yeah, I know, it's such a knit-geek cliche.

But, once I had ordered my own piece of white tech-geek-toy, it was inevitable.

Here it is. I think it might need a button or something for the bottom, though it doesn't seem to want to fall out or anything.

It's basically a tube, knit flat, then when I got to the top, I three needle bind off the middle stitches so I could access the Hold button on one side, and let the headphone jack stick out the other. You can see that in the side view picture.

In other news, my package of Kidsilk Haze was supposed to be here today, but apparently the postie didn't use the doorbell, so my man didn't hear him arrive :( Hence, it'll have to be picked up tomorrow from the post office - no more lace cardigan til the weekend...