Sunday, July 09, 2006

Finished sleeve #1.. But how much yarn?

Well, I'm making good progress on the Lace Cardigan. You can see I've finished the first sleeve. Excuse the feet.

This leaves me with this much yarn

Which now leaves me trying to figure out. I need to knit another sleeve, seam everything and knit the very pretty lace edging for the sleeves and bottom of the cardi. So. Is this one skein or two? Now, normally I'd just get two and shash the second into a gift later. But at $26 a skein, this is not the most attractive option. I've used three skeins so far (including the one shown) but I'm really not sure. I thought maybe I could get the two and the remainder could become a lacy scarf for Christmas maybe for someone.

I had thought also I might seam the main cardigan and do the edging for the bottom and see how much yarn that took, but am now thinking maybe I just buy both and do the gift thing.

I've also started Missy-moo's new jumper. This time I had decided to knit a ribbed jumper in the round, so that it should fit her a bit longer, since it will stretch. I haven't decided if it will be raglan or not, but probably not, given the ribbing. I'll figure it out when I am closer to the underarms and thus have to decide. I'm knitting it in a very bright red Zara. Most pretty..

see? I don't have a pattern or anything, just a bunch of measurements and notes in my knitting journal. I know what I think I want - round neck, not too high all over ribbed for comfort and fit. Let's hope she likes it! Colour is beautiful.

(On a side note, you'll see that I am learning to photograph on simpler backgrounds for colour balance.)

Anyway, I'm done. Off to Mum's for Sunday roast. Bye all..